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make defconfig
 in dir /home/buildbot/slaves/firmware-1/octeon-native_generic/build/trunk (timeout 1200 secs)
 watching logfiles {}
 argv: ['make', 'defconfig']
 using PTY: False
Generating config for plugin: EXAMPLE
touch plugins/generate-config
touch .config
/home/buildbot/slaves/firmware-1/octeon-native_generic/build/trunk/config/mconf/conf -D .config Config.in
.config:12:warning: unexpected data
* DebWrt Configuration
* Kernel/firmware
Kernel/firmware (DEBWRT_FIRMWARE) [Y/n] (NEW) y
  Firwmare type
    2. DebWrt native (DEBWRT_FIRMWARE_NATIVE) (NEW)
  choice[1-2?]: 1
  * Target
  Target Plugin
  > 1. None (PLUGIN_NONE) (NEW)
    2. example (PLUGIN_EXAMPLE) (NEW)
  choice[1-2?]: 1
  Target System
    1. AMCC/IBM PPC44x (TARGET_ppc44x) (NEW)
    2. ARM Ltd. Realview board (qemu) (TARGET_realview) (NEW)
    3. ARMv8 multiplatform (TARGET_arm64) (NEW)
    4. Allwinner A1x/A20/A3x (TARGET_sunxi) (NEW)
    5. Atheros AR231x/AR5312 (TARGET_ath25) (NEW)
  > 6. Atheros AR7xxx/AR9xxx (TARGET_ar71xx) (NEW)
    7. Atmel AT91 (TARGET_at91) (NEW)
    8. Broadcom BCM2708/BCM2709 (TARGET_brcm2708) (NEW)
    9. Broadcom BCM47xx/53xx (ARM) (TARGET_bcm53xx) (NEW)
    10. Broadcom BCM47xx/53xx (MIPS) (TARGET_brcm47xx) (NEW)
    11. Broadcom BCM63xx (TARGET_brcm63xx) (NEW)
    12. Broadcom/Netlogic XLP/XLR (TARGET_netlogic) (NEW)
    13. Cavium Networks Econa CNS3xxx (TARGET_cns3xxx) (NEW)
    14. Cavium Networks Octeon (TARGET_octeon) (NEW)
    15. Cortina Systems CS351x (TARGET_gemini) (NEW)
    16. Freescale MPC85xx (TARGET_mpc85xx) (NEW)
    17. Freescale i.MX 6 (TARGET_imx6) (NEW)
    18. Freescale i.MX23/i.MX28 (TARGET_mxs) (NEW)
    19. Infineon WildPass ADM8668 (TARGET_adm8668) (NEW)
    20. Infineon/ADMtek ADM5120 (TARGET_adm5120) (NEW)
    21. Ingenic XBurst (TARGET_xburst) (NEW)
    22. Intel IXP4xx (TARGET_ixp4xx) (NEW)
    23. Lantiq (TARGET_lantiq) (NEW)
    24. MIPS Malta CoreLV board (qemu) (TARGET_malta) (NEW)
    25. Marvell Armada 37x/38x/XP (TARGET_mvebu) (NEW)
    26. Marvell Kirkwood (TARGET_kirkwood) (NEW)
    27. Mediatek Ralink ARM (TARGET_mediatek) (NEW)
    28. Mikrotik RouterBoard 532 (TARGET_rb532) (NEW)
    29. Moschip MCS814x (TARGET_mcs814x) (NEW)
    30. PLXTECH/Oxford NAS782x/OX82x (TARGET_oxnas) (NEW)
    31. Qualcomm Atheros IPQ806X (TARGET_ipq806x) (NEW)
    32. RMI/AMD AU1x00 (TARGET_au1000) (NEW)
    33. Ralink RT288x/RT3xxx (TARGET_ramips) (NEW)
    34. Synopsys DesignWare ARC 770D (TARGET_arc770) (NEW)
    35. TI AR7 (TARGET_ar7) (NEW)
    36. TI OMAP3/4/AM33xx (TARGET_omap) (NEW)
    37. User Mode Linux (TARGET_uml) (NEW)
    38. x86 (TARGET_x86) (NEW)
  choice[1-38]: 6
  > 1. Generic (TARGET_ar71xx_generic) (NEW)
    2. Generic devices with NAND flash (TARGET_ar71xx_nand) (NEW)
    3. Mikrotik devices with NAND flash (TARGET_ar71xx_mikrotik) (NEW)
  choice[1-3]: 1
  Target Profile
  > 1. Default Profile (all drivers) (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_Default) (NEW)
    2. Minimal Profile (no drivers) (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_Minimal) (NEW)
    3. Atheros 802.11abg WiFi (ath5k) (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ath5k) (NEW)
    4. Carambola2 board from 8Devices (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_CARAMBOLA2) (NEW)
    5. ALFA Network AP96 board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ALFAAP96) (NEW)
    6. ALFA Network Hornet-UB board (8MB flash, 32MB ram) (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_HORNETUB) (NEW)
    7. ALFA Network Hornet-UB-x2 board (16MB flash, 64MB ram) (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_HORNETUBx2) (NEW)
    8. ALFA Network N2/N5 board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ALFANX) (NEW)
    9. ALFA Network Tube2H board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TUBE2H) (NEW)
    10. Allnet ALL0305 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ALL0305) (NEW)
    11. Allnet ALL0258N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ALL0258N) (NEW)
    12. Allnet ALL0315N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ALL0315N) (NEW)
    13. Antminer-S1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ANTMINERS1) (NEW)
    14. Antminer-S3 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ANTMINERS3) (NEW)
    15. Arduino Yun based on Atheros AR9331 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_Yun) (NEW)
    16. Atheros AP113 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP113) (NEW)
    17. Atheros AP121 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP121) (NEW)
    18. Atheros AP121-MINI reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP121MINI) (NEW)
    19. Atheros AP132 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP132) (NEW)
    20. Atheros AP135 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP135) (NEW)
    21. Atheros AP136 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP136) (NEW)
    22. Qualcomm Atheros AP143 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP143) (NEW)
    23. Qualcomm Atheros AP147 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP147) (NEW)
    24. Qualcomm Atheros AP152 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP152) (NEW)
    25. Atheros AP81 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP81) (NEW)
    26. Atheros AP83 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP83) (NEW)
    27. Atheros AP96 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_AP96) (NEW)
    28. Atheros DB120 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DB120) (NEW)
    29. Atheros PB42 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_PB42) (NEW)
    30. Atheros PB44 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_PB44) (NEW)
    31. Atheros PB92 reference board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_PB92) (NEW)
    32. Atlantis-Land A02-RB-W300N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_A02RBW300N) (NEW)
    33. Belkin AC1750DB (F9K1115V2) (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_F9K1115V2) (NEW)
    34. BHU BXU2000n-2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_BXU2000N2) (NEW)
    35. Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WZRHPG300NH) (NEW)
    36. Buffalo WZR-HP-G300NH2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WZRHPG300NH2) (NEW)
    37. Buffalo WZR-HP-AG300H (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WZRHPAG300H) (NEW)
    38. Buffalo WZR-HP-G450H (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WZRHPG450H) (NEW)
    39. Buffalo WZR-450HP2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WZR450HP2) (NEW)
    40. Buffalo WZR-600DHP (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WZR600DHP) (NEW)
    41. Buffalo WHR-G301N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WHRG301N) (NEW)
    42. Buffalo WHR-HP-G300N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WHRHPG300N) (NEW)
    43. Buffalo WHR-HP-GN (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WHRHPGN) (NEW)
    44. Buffalo WLAE-AG300N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WLAEAG300N) (NEW)
    45. COMFAST CF-E316N v2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_CF-E316N-V2) (NEW)
    46. Compex WP543/WPJ543 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WP543) (NEW)
    47. Compex WPE72/WPE72NX (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WPE72) (NEW)
    48. Compex WPJ344 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WPJ344) (NEW)
    49. Compex WPJ531 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WPJ531) (NEW)
    50. Compex WPJ558 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WPJ558) (NEW)
    51. D-Link DHP-1565 rev. A1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DHP1565A1) (NEW)
    52. D-Link DIR-505 rev. A1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR505A1) (NEW)
    53. D-Link DIR-600 rev. A1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR600A1) (NEW)
    54. D-Link DIR-601 rev. A1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR601A1) (NEW)
    55. D-Link DIR-601 rev. B1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR601B1) (NEW)
    56. D-Link DIR-615 rev. C1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR615C1) (NEW)
    57. D-Link DIR-615 rev. E1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR615E1) (NEW)
    58. D-Link DIR-615 rev. E4 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR615E4) (NEW)
    59. D-Link DIR-615 rev. I1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR615IX) (NEW)
    60. D-Link DIR-825 rev. B1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR825B1) (NEW)
    61. D-Link DIR-825 rev. C1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR825C1) (NEW)
    62. D-Link DIR-835 rev. A1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DIR835A1) (NEW)
    63. D-Link DGL-5500 rev. A1 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DGL5500A1) (NEW)
    64. devolo dLAN Hotspot (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_dLAN_Hotspot) (NEW)
    65. devolo dLAN pro 500 Wireless+ (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_dLAN_pro_500_wp) (NEW)
    66. devolo dLAN pro 1200+ WiFi ac (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_dLAN_pro_1200_ac) (NEW)
    67. DRAGINO2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DRAGINO2) (NEW)
    68. EasyLink EL-M150 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ELM150) (NEW)
    69. EasyLink EL-MINI (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ELMINI) (NEW)
    70. EnGenius EAP300V2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_EAP300V2) (NEW)
    71. EnGenius ESR900 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ESR900) (NEW)
    72. EnGenius ESR1750 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ESR1750) (NEW)
    73. EnGenius EPG5000 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_EPG5000) (NEW)
    74. Embedded Wireless Dorin Platform (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_EWDORIN) (NEW)
    75. GL.iNet 6416 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_GLINET) (NEW)
    76. GL AR150 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_GL-AR150) (NEW)
    77. GL AR300 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_GL-AR300) (NEW)
    78. GL Domino Pi (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DOMINO) (NEW)
    79. Gainstrong MiniBox V1.0 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MINIBOXV1) (NEW)
    80. HiWiFi HC6361 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_HIWIFI_HC6361) (NEW)
    81. jjPlus JA76PF (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_JA76PF) (NEW)
    82. jjPlus JA76PF2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_JA76PF2) (NEW)
    83. jjPlus JWAP0003 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_JWAP003) (NEW)
    84. Linksys WRT160NL (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WRT160NL) (NEW)
    85. Linksys WRT400N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WRT400N) (NEW)
    86. Meraki MR12 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MR12) (NEW)
    87. Meraki MR16 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MR16) (NEW)
    88. MERCURY MAC1200R (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MAC1200R) (NEW)
    89. NC-LINK SMART-300 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_SMART-300) (NEW)
    90. NETGEAR WNDAP360 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WNDAP360) (NEW)
    91. NETGEAR WNDR3700/WNDR3800/WNDRMAC (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WNDR3700) (NEW)
    92. NETGEAR WNR2000V3 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WNR2000V3) (NEW)
    93. NETGEAR WNR2000V4 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WNR2000V4) (NEW)
    94. NETGEAR WNR612V2 / On Networks N150 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WNR612V2) (NEW)
    95. NETGEAR WNR1000V2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WNR1000V2) (NEW)
    96. NETGEAR WNR2200 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WNR2200) (NEW)
    97. Onion Omega (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_OMEGA) (NEW)
    98. OOLITE (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_OOLITE) (NEW)
    99. OpenMesh OM2P/OM2Pv2/OM2P-HS/OM2P-HSv2/OM2P-LC (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_OM2P) (NEW)
    100. OpenMesh OM5P/OM5P-AN (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_OM5P) (NEW)
    101. OpenMesh MR600 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MR600) (NEW)
    102. OpenMesh MR900/MR900v2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MR900) (NEW)
    103. OpenMesh MR1750 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MR1750) (NEW)
    104. OpenMesh products (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_OPENMESH) (NEW)
    105. PowerCloud Systems ubdev01 model (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_UBDEV01) (NEW)
    106. PowerCloud Systems dlrtdev01 model (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_DLRTDEV01) (NEW)
    107. Planex MZK-W04NU (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MZKW04NU) (NEW)
    108. Planex MZK-W300NH (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MZKW300NH) (NEW)
    109. Qihoo 360 C301 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_QIHOO360) (NEW)
    110. Redwave RW2458N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_RW2458N) (NEW)
    111. Rosewill RNX-N360RT (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_RNXN360RT) (NEW)
    112. Senao CAP4200AG (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_CAP4200AG) (NEW)
    113. Sitecom WLR-8100 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WLR8100) (NEW)
    114. Smart Electronics Black Swift board (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_BSB) (NEW)
    115. TP-LINK Archer C5/C7 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ARCHERC7) (NEW)
    116. TP-LINK CPE210/220/510/520 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_CPE510) (NEW)
    117. TP-LINK TL-MR10U (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLMR10U) (NEW)
    118. TP-LINK TL-MR11U (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLMR11U) (NEW)
    119. TP-LINK TL-MR12U (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLMR12U) (NEW)
    120. TP-LINK TL-MR13U (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLMR13U) (NEW)
    121. TP-LINK TL-MR3020 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLMR3020) (NEW)
    122. TP-LINK TL-MR3040 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLMR3040) (NEW)
    123. TP-LINK TL-MR3220 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLMR3220) (NEW)
    124. TP-LINK TL-MR3420 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLMR3420) (NEW)
    125. TP-LINK TL-WR703N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR703) (NEW)
    126. TP-LINK TL-WR710N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR710) (NEW)
    127. TP-LINK TL-WR720N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR720) (NEW)
    128. TP-LINK TL-WA701N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWA701) (NEW)
    129. TP-LINK TL-WA7210N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWA7210) (NEW)
    130. TP-LINK TL-WA730RE (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWA730RE) (NEW)
    131. TP-LINK TL-WA750RE (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWA750) (NEW)
    132. TP-LINK TL-WA7510N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWA7510) (NEW)
    133. TP-LINK TL-WA801N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWA801) (NEW)
    134. TP-LINK TL-WA830RE (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWA830) (NEW)
    135. TP-LINK TL-WA850RE (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWA850) (NEW)
    136. TP-LINK TL-WA860RE (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWA860) (NEW)
    137. TP-LINK TL-WA901N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWA901) (NEW)
    138. TP-LINK TL-WDR3500/3600/4300/4310/MW4350R (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWDR4300) (NEW)
    139. TP-LINK TL-WDR3320v2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWDR3320V2) (NEW)
    140. TP-LINK TL-WDR4900v2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWDR4900V2) (NEW)
    141. TP-LINK TL-WDR6500v2 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWDR6500V2) (NEW)
    142. TP-LINK TL-WR740N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR740) (NEW)
    143. TP-LINK TL-WR741N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR741) (NEW)
    144. TP-LINK TL-WR743N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR743) (NEW)
    145. TP-LINK TL-WR841N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR841) (NEW)
    146. TP-LINK TL-WR842N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR842) (NEW)
    147. TP-LINK TL-WR843N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR843) (NEW)
    148. TP-LINK TL-WR941N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR941) (NEW)
    149. TP-LINK TL-WR1041N (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR1041) (NEW)
    150. TP-LINK TL-WR1043N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR1043) (NEW)
    151. TP-LINK TL-WR2543N/ND (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TLWR2543) (NEW)
    152. TRENDNet TEW-632BRP (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TEW632BRP) (NEW)
    153. TRENDNet TEW-652BRP (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TEW652BRP) (NEW)
    154. TRENDNet TEW-673GRU (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TEW673GRU) (NEW)
    155. TRENDNet TEW-712BR (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TEW712BR) (NEW)
    156. TRENDNet TEW-732BR (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_TEW732BR) (NEW)
    157. Ubiquiti RouterStation (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_UBNTRS) (NEW)
    158. Ubiquiti RouterStation Pro (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_UBNTRSPRO) (NEW)
    159. Ubiquiti UniFi AP (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_UBNTUNIFI) (NEW)
    160. Ubiquiti UniFiAP Outdoor (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_UBNTUNIFIOUTDOOR) (NEW)
    161. Ubiquiti UniFi AP Pro (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_UAPPRO) (NEW)
    162. Ubiquiti Products (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_UBNT) (NEW)
    163. WD My Net N600 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MYNETN600) (NEW)
    164. WD My Net N750 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MYNETN750) (NEW)
    165. WD My Net Wi-Fi Range Extender (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_MYNETREXT) (NEW)
    166. WeIO (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_WEIO) (NEW)
    167. Zcomax ZCN-1523H-2-8 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ZCN1523H28) (NEW)
    168. Zcomax ZCN-1523H-5-16 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_ZCN1523H516) (NEW)
    169. Zyxel NBG 460N/550N/550NH (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_NBG_460N_550N_550NH) (NEW)
    170. ZyXEL NBG6616 (TARGET_ar71xx_generic_NBG6616) (NEW)
  choice[1-170]: 1
  * OpenWrt Version
  OpenWrt Branch
  choice[1]: 1
  * OpenWrt Extra Options
  OpenWrt/LEDE git Repository
  > 1. git://git.lede-project.org (LEDE_GIT_REPO_URL_MAIN) (NEW)
    2. git://git.openwrt.org (OPENWRT_GIT_REPO_URL_MAIN) (NEW)
    3. https://github.com/openwrt-mirror (OPENWRT_GIT_REPO_URL_MIRROR1) (NEW)
  choice[1-3]: 1
  OpenWrt alternate download directory (OPENWRT_DOWNLOAD_DIR) [] (NEW) 
  OpenWrt additional make command line options (OPENWRT_MAKE_OPTIONS) [] (NEW) 
  * Kernel Configuration
  Kernel Version
  choice[1]: 1
  * Boot Options
  Boot method
    1. Ignore OpenWrt built-in kernel command line (BOOT_METHOD_BOOTLOADER) (NEW)
  > 2. Directly boot from device /dev/sda1 (BOOT_METHOD_DEVICE) (NEW)
    3. Use DebWrt boot script (obsolete) (BOOT_METHOD_SCRIPT) (NEW)
  choice[1-3?]: 2
  Default kernel command line (CMDLINE) [root=/dev/sda1 init=/sbin/init rootdelay=5 noinitrd console=ttyS0,115200 netconsole=6665@,6666@] (NEW) root=/dev/sda1 init=/sbin/init rootdelay=5 noinitrd console=ttyS0,115200 netconsole=6665@,6666@
  Enalable kexec function call (KEXEC) [Y/n] (NEW) y
  Enable root filesystem over NFS (boot over NFS) (DEBWRT_NFS_ROOT) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
    IP_PNP (IP_PNP) [Y/n] (NEW) y
    NFS_FS (NFS_FS) [Y/n] (NEW) y
    NFS_V2 (NFS_V2) [Y/n] (NEW) y
    NFS_V3 (NFS_V3) [Y/n] (NEW) y
    ROOT_NFS (ROOT_NFS) [Y/n] (NEW) y
  * DebWrt kernel options/overrides
  * Overrides
  Enable deprecated sysfs features to support old userspace tools (SYSFS_DEPRECATED) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
  * Systemd
  Checkpoint/restore support (CHECKPOINT_RESTORE) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Enable seccomp to safely compute untrusted bytecode (SECCOMP) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Support multiple instances of devpts (DEVPTS_MULTIPLE_INSTANCES) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Network namespace support (NET_NS) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Block layer SG support v4 (BLK_DEV_BSG) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Export DMI identification via sysfs to userspace (DMIID) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Fallback user-helper invocation for firmware loading (FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
  Path to uevent helper (UEVENT_HELPER_PATH) [] (NEW) 
  Open by fhandle syscalls (FHANDLE) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Kernel automounter version 4 support (also supports v3) (AUTOFS4_FS) [M/n/y/?] (NEW) m
  Control Group Support (CGROUPS) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Maintain devtmpfs to mount at /dev (DEVTMPFS) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  * General configuration
  Network namespace support (NET_NS) [Y/n/?] y
  Block layer SG support v4 (BLK_DEV_BSG) [Y/n/?] y
  Export DMI identification via sysfs to userspace (DMIID) [Y/n/?] y
  Fallback user-helper invocation for firmware loading (FW_LOADER_USER_HELPER) [N/y/?] n
  Path to uevent helper (UEVENT_HELPER_PATH) [] 
  Open by fhandle syscalls (FHANDLE) [Y/n/?] y
  Kernel automounter version 4 support (also supports v3) (AUTOFS4_FS) [M/n/y/?] m
  Control Group Support (CGROUPS) [Y/n/?] y
  Maintain devtmpfs to mount at /dev (DEVTMPFS) [Y/n/?] y
  Enable kernel Floating Point emulation for MIPS (MIPS_FPU_EMU) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  MIPS FPU Emulator (MIPS_FPU_EMULATOR) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Inotify file change notification support (INOTIFY) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
    Inotify support for userspace (INOTIFY_USER) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Loopback device support (BLK_DEV_LOOP) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Reduce module size: remove modinfo data (risky) (MODULE_STRIPPED) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
  * IDE Configuration
  ATA/ATAPI/MFM/RLL support (DEPRECATED) (IDE) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
  generic ATA/ATAPI disk support (IDE_GD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) n
  PROMISE PDC202{46|62|65|67} support (BLK_DEV_PDC202XX_OLD) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) n
  * SCSI configuration
  SCSI device support (SCSI) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) y
    Enable DMA for SCSI (SCSI_DMA) [Y/n] (NEW) y
    legacy /proc/scsi/ support (SCSI_PROC_FS) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
    Wait for SCSI scan completion (SCSI_WAIT_SCAN) [N/m/y/?] (NEW) n
    SCSI disk support (BLK_DEV_SD) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) y
  * USB configuration
  USB support (USB) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) y
    USB verbose debug messages (USB_DEBUG) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
    USB announce new devices (USB_ANNOUNCE_NEW_DEVICES) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
    USB device filesystem (USB_DEVICEFS) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
    USB device class-devices (DEPRECATED) (USB_DEVICE_CLASS) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
    USB Monitor (USB_MON) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) y
    EHCI HCD (USB 2.0) support (USB_EHCI_HCD) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
    OHCI HCD support (USB_OHCI_HCD) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) y
    UHCI HCD (most Intel and VIA) support (USB_UHCI_HCD) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) y
  USB EHCI support for AR71xx (USB_EHCI_AR71XX) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  USB OHCI support for Atheros AR71xx (USB_OHCI_AR71XX) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Root Hub Transaction Translators (USB_EHCI_ROOT_HUB_TT) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
  USB Mass Storage support (USB_STORAGE) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) y
  * Filesystem support
  Ext3 journalling file system support (EXT3_FS) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) y
    Default to 'data=ordered' in ext3 (legacy option) (EXT3_DEFAULTS_TO_ORDERED) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
    Ext3 extended attributes (EXT3_FS_XATTR) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
      Ext3 POSIX Access Control Lists (EXT3_FS_POSIX_ACL) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
      Ext3 Security Labels (EXT3_FS_SECURITY) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  JBD generic journalling layer (JBD) [Y/?] (NEW) y
  Meta block cache for Extended Attributes (ext2/ext3/ext4) (FS_MBCACHE) [Y/n/m] (NEW) y
  * Network support
  Intel devices (NET_VENDOR_INTEL) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
  * OpenWrt Kernel Module Packages
  * Wireless Kernel Modules
  kmod-ath5k........................... Atheros 5xxx wireless cards support (PACKAGE_kmod-ath5k) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  kmod-ath9k........................ Atheros 802.11n wireless cards support (PACKAGE_kmod-ath9k) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  kmod-madwifi........................ Driver for Atheros wireless chipsets (PACKAGE_kmod-madwifi) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  kmod-b43.................................. Broadcom 43xx wireless support (PACKAGE_kmod-b43) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  kmod-b43legacy..................... Broadcom 43xx-legacy wireless support (PACKAGE_kmod-b43legacy) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  kmod-rt2500-pci............. Ralink Drivers for RT2x00 cards (RT2500 PCI) (PACKAGE_kmod-rt2500-pci) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  kmod-rt2500-usb............. Ralink Drivers for RT2x00 cards (RT2500 USB) (PACKAGE_kmod-rt2500-usb) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Network console logging support (EXPERIMENTAL) (NETCONSOLE) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
  Kernel .config support (IKCONFIG) [Y/n/m/?] (NEW) y
    Enable access to .config through /proc/config.gz (IKCONFIG_PROC) [Y/n/?] (NEW) y
* Root Filesystem (optional)
Root Filesystem (optional) (ROOTFS_DEBIAN) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
* Debian cross build environment
Debian cross build environment (DEBWRT_CROSS) [N/y/?] (NEW) n
Type make help to get a list of available DebWrt make commands
program finished with exit code 0