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64 buildbot
Rename patches to proper format
63 buildbot
Revert to defconfig (debug left over)
62 buildbot
Ignore clean issues
61 buildbot
Add warning about silently disabled packages
60 buildbot
Fix isues where an config option set by DebWrt is reverted to a default value by OpenWrt. Cause of the issue is that mconf computes default values for hidden options (options without a title).
59 buildbot
Improve cleaning
58 buildbot
Patch to add debug info to OpenWrt package config merge
57 buildbot
Fix .config:137:warning: symbol value m invalid for IPV6
56 buildbot
Fix build error
55 buildbot
Fix config verify
54 buildbot
Fix config check
53 buildbot
Buildbot config check script
  • malta.be: 'buildbot/config.sh slave=slave-2 ...' failed -  stdio